Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Journey Into Fatherhood Part 1

The date was October 9, 2003 and I was so excited that I almost left the house without pants. On the way to the hospital all I could think of was, I’m gonna be a father! The moment couldn’t get here any faster, the suspense was killing me. As I was driving I was thinking, I cant wait to hold my daughter for the first time, kiss her, look into her eyes. I really wasn’t looking forward to her first diaper change, but it would come sooner than later, and ya know that newborn poop really stinks especially breast milk diapers.One thing I remember fondly about the moment my baby girl came into this world, is the song on the radio was Forever and for Always by Shania Twain. That is my girl's song, forever and for always in my heart. 

The real trooper was my wife, she went through a whole lot of pain even having to have to go with the oxygen mask, needless to say I was worried that this was not going to be good. She is a fighter all the way, and after all that she went through I was happy and proud to be her husband. I was so happy we had a family when my 7lb 3oz baby girl came. I cried for a week, but I look back and I wouldn’t change a thing. Stacey is in 1st grade now and is so smart, I’m the proudest dad ever!

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